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tinytechjobs, the premier job board dedicated to jobs in tiny technology, including careers in MEMS, nanotechnology, microtechnology, and information technology, announced today the celebration of its fifth anniversary in the small tech jobs space. tinytechjobs has become the place to visit to find employment in such disciplines as chemistry, physics, materials science, MEMS and NEMS, microelectronics, microfluidics, microarrays, information technology, chip design, semiconductors, optics, photonics, optoelectronics, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering, and other relevant fields. tinytechjobs' resume database now contains over 10,000 resumes of extraordinarily qualified individuals who recognize its brand and keep coming back over and over to look at employer's job listings. About 74% of tinytechjobs' visitors have advanced degrees. tinytechjobs is ce... (more)

Ulitzer to Give Drupal 6.0 Its Biggest Scalability Challenge Yet, which initially made the headlines with its "job descriptions from the future," announced today that it will launch its Ulitzer "beta" site with more than 16,000 authors and more than 1 million original articles, published in more than 5,000 topic-specific online journals. Each journal offers up to 14 content-specific sections, written by the world's most-respected authors in their fields. All Ulitzer authors will earn 100% of their Google AdSense revenue. See author index here. All approved Ulizter authors can post a variety of story types: 01) Article 02) Blog 03) Book Excerpt 04) Book Review 05) Case Study 06) Feedback 07) Interview 08) News 09) Opinion 10) Podcast 11) Product Review 12) Tutorial 13) Video 14 Whitepaper  Within one year after its beta launch date, Ulitzer is projecting to serve more than 100,000 authors with over 10 million original article... (more)

JCP EC Elections Have BEA, SAP, Nokia, IBM, Philips in the Running

It's that time of the year again when the JCP is in election mode and an update about it is more than timely. At writing time, the ratification ballot was just posted (September 27) and this year's nominees are BEA, SAP, and SAS for the Java SE/EE Executive Committee (EC) and Nokia, IBM, and Philips for the Java ME EC ( Before I share with you the nominees' qualifications, just a reminder that the JCP Elections process starts with member nominations by the JCP Program Management Office (PMO) for the vacant Ratified Seats of the two JCP ECs. Nominations are made with due regard for balanced community and regional representation. For more details, here are a few pointers to useful election information resources. You'll find a 2005 JCP Elections primer on at and an overview at ... (more)

White House Awards National Medal of Technology for Semiconductor Innovation to IBM

President George W. Bush has announced that IBM has been awarded the 2004 National Medal of Technology by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Technology Administration in recognition of more than four decades of innovation in semiconductor technology. The award recognizes IBM for having improved the performance and versatility of today's microprocessors, citing significant breakthroughs such as the development of multicore-processor integration, DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory), the use of copper on-chip wiring, Silicon on Insulator (SOI) technology, and high-speed Silicon Germanium chips. The National Medal of Technology is the highest honor awarded by the President of the United States to America's leading innovators. It recognizes companies and individuals who have made lasting contributions to America's competitiveness, standard of living, and quality of li... (more)

Ulitzer to Launch with OpenID

Google, IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo and Verisign have all become the OpenID Foundation's first corporate board members, giving a push to the seven-month-old group's ideas about portable web identities or OpenIDs and how personal information is shared online, something that Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have all caught flak for. OpenID is a free decentralized sign-on technology that eliminates the need for multiple user names across Internet sites and is supposed to give people more control over their digital identities and what exactly is shared. There are so far 350 million OpenID-enabled URLs in existence. Microsoft has donated legal resources to the cause. Ulitzer, Inc., which initially made the headlines with its “job descriptions from the future,” announced today that it will launch its Ulitzer “beta” site on July 4, 2008, with 5,500 authors and 600,000 original article... (more)

Innovate and Deliver

Whether they produce cameras, equipment to make semiconductors, plasma TVs, medical equipment, printers, or cell phones, electronics companies share an all-encompassing requirement; they must continually bring more innovative products to market faster than ever before. This is no small challenge. Electronics companies must innovate and deliver at a relentless pace despite having long lead times for product development and little control over what and when consumers want to buy. The longer it takes to get to market, the more their profits erode as a result of intense competition and constantly evolving technologies in their products. Electronics companies also face challenges related to their internal structures. Some haven't fully recovered from the technology sector downturn. Many have expensive and inflexible cost structures or their product development and supply... (more)

The "Cell" Chip Shows a Bit of Eye-Catching Leg

IBM, Sony and Toshiba engineers used the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) this week in San Francisco to hike the skirt on the vaunted and mysterious multi-core Power-derived ~4GHz chip code named Cell that they've been designing for four years and show a bit of ankle. The purpose-built, potentially disruptive widget is supposed to approach real-time response and TV-quality resolution and is bound for broadband digital home entertainment and rich-media applications starting with Sony's next-generation PlayStation 3 due out next year. Cell's designers said that in some cases the thing is capable of 10 times the performance of PC chips, throwing down the gauntlet to Intel, which is trying to elbow its way into the living room. One flip observer described Intel as still using "an architecture that came from a calculator chip." Intel has no known ans... (more)

Preparing for the Revolution

There's revolution (or evolution) occurring in the high-performance computing (HPC) industry. Recently both AMD and Intel introduced chips with multiple processing units in a single package. Instead of having one central processor, or brain, computers will now have multiple brains with which to run programs. While this technique isn't new, it's the first time these types of architectures have been mass-produced and sold to the commodity PC and server markets. This revolution will affect everyone who uses a computer including high-performance clustered systems. From laptops to game consoles to large servers, the multi-core age has begun. From an end-user's perspective, this change will remain hidden. However, the expectation of continued price-to-performance gains like those experienced over the past 20 years will remain. Programmers will find providing additional ... (more)

Former Microsoft CTO: "Intellectual Property is the Next Software"

Nathan Myhrvold, who used to be Microsoft's CTO and chief strategist, and Edward Jung, who used to be Microsoft's chief architect and advisor to the executive staff, have been building a patent factory since they left. It's called Intellectual Ventures LLC and it's buying up patents. Supposedly it's bought a thousand so far. It's also rounded up what it describes as a "world-class team of physicists, engineers and biotechnologists" and set them to dreaming up ideas to patent. The spread runs to lasers, semiconductors, electronic widgets, consumer products, software, e-commerce, communications, medical devices, computer architecture and molecular algorithms not to mention nanotechnology, biotechnology and bioinformatics. They've been at it since 2000 and according to the Patent and Trademark Office the company has socked away a small cache of patents in its own name. ... (more)

The Future of CORBA: A Look into OMG's Crystal Ball

The extensive suite of Object Management Group (OMG) standards will, ultimately, unify computing from analysis and design through development, deployment, runtime and support. OMG is an open, member-driven organization, and future directions emerge from the work of its nearly 800 members. Thus, like any other process that tracks developments in our rapidly moving industry, it's hard to see more than a few years into the future. It takes from about 14 to 20 months to create an OMG specification from the time OMG's members publish their requirements as an RFP (request for proposal), which is probably the fastest open consensus-building process in the computer industry. In this article I'll use this lead time to look a year or two into OMG's future. Market trends are another good indicator of trends so I'll include a dose of them too. Predictions Taking all of OMG's te... (more)

Ulitzer Named "RIA Media Sponsor" of AJAX World Conference & Expo

Ulitzer named “RIA Media Sponsor” of the upcoming AJAXWorld Conference & Expo, which will take place March 18-20, 2008, in New York City. which initially made the headlines with its “job descriptions from the future,” announced today that it will launch its Ulitzer “beta” site on July 4, 2008, with 5,500 authors and 600,000 original articles, published in more than 5,000 topic-specific online journals. Each journal offers up to 14 content-specific sections, written by the world’s most-respected authors, who are experts in their particular fields. All Ulitzer authors will get paid for their contributions. Ulitzer will be based on Drupal 6.0 CMS platform. Article                            News Blog                              OpinionBook Excerpt               PodcastBook Review               Product ReviewCas... (more)